Paper Arts Workshops 1707 Homestead ca. 1725 Bake House

Paper Arts Workshops

Join experienced local paper artists for a diverse roster of workshops.

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1707 Homestead

Birthplace of David Rittenhouse (1734-1796), astronomer, mathematician, surveyor and statesman.

ca. 1725 Bake House

With its 16 ½ foot hearth, this nearly 300 year old structure is an important part of the education program and special events.


Support Historic RIttenhouseTown by becoming a member today. Benefits of membership include free admission, discounted paper arts workshops, and members-only special events.

Public Tours

2016 Weekend tours: June - September 1 PM-5 PM. We are open for public guided tours on weekends throughout the summer. Tours are $5 for adults and $2.50 for seniors and children under 12.


With a 25 acre campus and six surviving structures we welcome groups interested in performing community service and individuals who would like to join our active and enthusiastic Property Committee.

School Programs

Historic RittenhouseTown offers a unique interpretive program that teaches about life in an early American industrial village

Around the Village

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In 1984, thirty individuals formed the Friends of Historic RittenhouseTown to preserve, restore and historically interpret Historic RittenhouseTown. Today, Historic RittenhouseTown, Inc (a 501C3) includes over three hundred members across the country and overseas.

Some of the people you may see in the village

Our educational programming meets Pennsylvania and District Standards and Core Curriculum Requirements. In addition, we welcome groups and individuals who would like to join our active and enthusiastic Property Committee. For more information call 215 438 5711 or email

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