Board of Directors

Brian Ames
Rob Armstrong
Cassandra Bolding
Chris Kurtz
Harrison Haas
Kaitlin Pomerantz
Amelia Popovic, President
Bob Rittenhouse
Brian Wentz
Nicholas Zeitlin


Frederic W. Clark, Esq.*
Monica Letzring*
Alice Rittenhouse
Norman Rittenhouse
Royden Rittenhouse


Hugh B. Hanson*


The Legacy of Hugh Hanson

First President & Director Emeritus and Founders of HRT Inc.

Hugh Hanson, 1926-2005, enjoyed telling the story of how his father, Hugo, took the family out for traditional family drives, and they would often pass by Historic Rittenhouse Town. Hugh would say his father, a papermaker by trade, never failed to mention that the village was the place where papermaking began in colonial America. Hugh followed in his father’s footsteps in the paper industry, working with the former Hamilton Paper Company followed by Weyerhaeuser Company. After his retirement in 1981, Hugh established the Friends of Historic Rittenhouse Town and thus began a more than 20 year relationship with this important historic site.

During his time here, Hugh held nearly every post as he guided the organization from its infancy to the prominent and successful National Historic Landmark District it is today. 

Following Hugh’s death, a memorial service was held on December 19, 2005, at the Gladwyne Presbyterian Church in suburban Philadelphia near his home. Over 200 friends and colleagues attended this celebration of Hugh’s life and his many accomplishments.

Funds received in his honor were applied to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the paper mill archaeological site.