Our history is a vital part of who we are as a nation.

Your membership helps us sustain your National Historic Landmark District for today’s youth & future generations is a mission worth supporting.

Members will receive:

  • $250+ Level
    • Set of six Leon Clemmer Note Cards depicting the historic buildings at Historic Rittenhouse Town
  • $500+ Level
    • Tote bag with WR (Wilhelm Rittenhouse) historic paper watermark logo
  • $1,000+ Level
    • Fleece blanket with Rittenhouse watermark

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Why Become a Member?

A portion of your membership contribution will subsidize the transportation costs and fees for underserved Philadelphia public school students hoping to take advantage of our programming. Membership contributions of $500 or more have the most impact on our ability to provide subsidized programs to underserved audiences. A gift of $500 enables 15 school children to participate in our two-part education program while $1,000 allows 20 school children to participate in our three-part program. A portion of a $1,500 member contribution provides bus transportation for two schools visiting Historic Rittenhouse Town. A $2,500 membership contributions provides for three buses.

Membership fees also support daily site operations and the development of new exhibits.

In 1984, a passionate group of 30 individuals formed the Friends of Historic Rittenhouse Town to preserve, restore and historically interpret Historic Rittenhouse Town. Historic Rittenhouse Town, with members across the country and overseas, has welcomed thousands of area youth to this unique 18th-century milling town. Guests experience colonial domestic life and industry by cooking in the ca. 1725 Bake House, learning about those who lived in the village in the 18th century, and making paper with the same tools and techniques used by the Rittenhouse family 300 years ago.

Historic Rittenhouse Town’s education program meets Pennsylvania and Philadelphia School District Core Curriculum requirements and accommodates most age groups.