Our 20-acre property presents a pressing need to remove invasive species that have taken root. With our level 1 arboretum status, we aim to create space for the resurgence of native species. Your physical efforts can play a crucial role in enhancing the natural beauty of the Rittenhouse village for all visitors.

Our amazing volunteer coordinator David Bower hosts volunteer days on Wednesdays 9 am – 12 noon

Ready to volunteer? Email DavidBowerPhila@gmail.com

Ideal Volunteers

Those who are physically able, eager to get involved, enjoy outdoor work with a tangible impact, thrive in a group setting,

Skilled Volunteers

We also welcome skilled volunteers. For more information, please get in touch with amy@rittenhousetown.org.

Volunteer Tips

1) Wear clothes that allow you to work comfortably outdoors while removing invasive plants.
2) Consider using bug repellent to protect against ticks.
3) Tools & gloves are provided, feel free to bring your gloves if preferred.
4) Bring water to drink and any medications you need, including first aid if you are sensitive to insect stings.