Nature & Industry Walk Through Historic Rittenhouse Town
with Steve Jones, President of Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers

Join friends and neighbors on this guided 1.25 mile hike that includes a survey of the natural and human-made features of the land in and around Historic Rittenhouse Town. 

A focus of the walk is the cause and effect connection between industry and the natural surroundings. The topography, waterways, minerals, and other natural features had an important influence on the development of agriculture and industry near the village of Historic Rittenhouse Town. At the same time, industry and other human activities changed the land and the ecology of this village forever.

Another focus of the walk is the current ecology of the area around the village. We will imagine the change from a 17th century forest (dominated by American chestnut, eastern hemlock, oaks, and hickories), to 19th industrial settlement, and back again to the forest of today, which includes remnants of the ancient forest mixed with plants and trees from other parts of the world.

The walk begins and ends at 208 Lincoln Drive inside the historic village. We’ll traverse gravel surfaces and some uneven footpaths, so proper footwear is recommended.

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Join Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers President and Historic Rittenhouse Town Board Member Steve Jones on this beautiful guided walk